Are Fortnite servers down right now?

Having trouble.

Image by Epic Games

With millions of people playing Fortnite every day, things can go wrong. If you are wondering if the Fortnite servers are down right now, the answer is certainly yes. The 17.20 update arrived after some maintenance earlier today, and everything was running fine. However, at 9 AM PT the system started to have some errors, and about 15 minutes later the servers, and matchmaking, were completely down.

Epic Games is aware of the issue according to a tweet on the official Fortnite Status Twitter account. It looks like the issue started with the new Bugha Limited Time Mode, and then slowly seemed to spread from there as more and more people were affected.

As for what the exact issue is, we don’t know, but it is clear impact the login servers that are used to authenticate accounts when they try to connect to the service. It normally doesn’t take Fortnite long to resolve this kind of issue so we expect the game to be back up and running in no time.