How to get a 100-year old haunted house in BitLife

Pick your favorite haunted mansion adventure.


Image via Candywriter LLC

Choosing the location for you to live is important, and a fun option in BitLife. To complete the Vampire Challenge in the game, you need to work towards obtaining a haunted house. Having one of these in your possession can take a bit of time, but once you find a haunted one on the market, you’re good to go. The real tricky part is having it reach 100-years old.

The first thing you need to do is wait until you are of age to obtain a house. The higher the quality, the better, so it can certainly last longer. While the quality matters, you also need to pay attention to if it’s haunted or not. You can see if it’s haunted based on the paranormal activity levels the house has, which you can see when reading the stats about it.

You don’t want too high of a paranormal activity level. The higher it is, such as red, it means there’s a dangerous spirit, and you have the potential for your character to face trauma, or worse, while living there. Your best option is to choose an older haunted house that exceeds your character’s age, or pass the home down to children after your first character dies if you have the premium version of the game.

While you live in the house, you can expect to encounter an array of supernatural problems. The less haunted the house is, though, the less severe these occurrences tend to be.

When it hits 100-years old, you can use it to complete the objective of the Vampire Challenge. You do need to meet the other qualifications, like impaling characters, biting time, living for 100-years, and living in Romania. If you complete the entire checklist, you’re good to go.