How to get a Haunted House or Mansion in BitLife

Pick your favorite haunted mansion adventure.

Image via Candywriter

Choosing the location for you to live is essential and a fun option in BitLife. However, to complete many of the challenges in the game, you need to work towards obtaining a haunted house. Having one of these in your possession can take time, but you’re good to go once you find a haunted one on the market. In this guide, we’ll cover what you need to do to own a haunted house or mansion in BitLife.

How to get a Haunted House or Mansion

You first need to wait until you reach an age where your character can buy a house, which is 18. After that, the market is open to you. However, the homes are pretty expensive. Therefore, you may need a well-paying job and a decent career to maintain it. Before reaching this point, we recommend working on your career path by increasing your Smarts and Looks stat, increasing the chances of unlocking notable careers, such as Acting or becoming a Doctor.

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When ready to purchase a house, head to the ‘assets’ tab and select the marketplace. There should be a handful of open houses that you can purchase. The home will have a ‘haunted’ title at the front of the name. Additionally, it will have haunted in the name.

However, you can view the level of paranormal activity when examining a house or mansion. The higher the paranormal activity in the location, the more chances you have of having multiple ghosts, which can be aggressive. You want to be careful around these ghosts, and depending on the challenge in BitLife, how you live with them will vary. We don’t recommend being aggressive with the ghosts or trying to cause trouble with them. You’re better off being as friendly as possible while sharing the residence.