How to get a new horse in The Witcher 3

A new trusty steed or, no?

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Your horse is your sole companion through The Witcher 3 as you explore the harsh and medieval lands. They are your only means of transportation and help carry all the items you’ve accumulated on your journey, including animal trophies from hunts and contracts. As such, horses are a vital part of the whole gameplay experience. While the brown mare you ride is present throughout your journey, there are some ways where you can get a new one. So, here’s how to get a new horse in The Witcher 3.

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Where to find a new horse in The Witcher 3

There isn’t any horse stable in The Witcher 3 for buying or selling horses, so the brown mare you initially had will be the one you will be riding throughout. But, there is one way to get a new horse in the game permanently: towards the end of the main storyline. During the quest ”Blood on the Battlefield”, you can choose to take Ciri to Emperor Emhyr. For bringing Ciri, Emhyr will offer you coins. If you refuse the coins, he instead will offer you a new black Nilfgaardian stallion. From that point, whenever you call your horse, the black stallion will appear instead of the brown mare. Geralt will also call it Roach, which is a name he gives to all his horses.

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Another way to get a new horse is by taming horses through the Axii signs. You can do that by finding wild horses around the various regions in the game.

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If you find a horse running in the wild use the Axii sign on it, and you will be able to mount and ride it. It will respond to your commands as well. It is also possible to tame a whole herd of wild horses using the Axii sign.

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Unfortunately, as soon as you unmount it and leave it for a while, the power of the Axii sign will wear off, and it will be back to normal. So, you can’t tame wild horses permanently.