How to get a Perfect Mothman Egg in Fallout 76

May Mothman rise and protect you.

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You’ve probably seen Mothman Eggs around the areas where the cultists like to roam in Fallout 76. These eggs are black in color with a red center that glows to let you know where it’s at. These little morsels can be consumed raw with a high chance of disease, or cooked to gain additional benefits. Mothman Eggs can be found in two ways; normal or perfect. Perfect Mothman Eggs are hard to come by, but they are worth getting.

How to get normal and Perfect Mothman Eggs in Fallout 76

Normal Mothman Eggs are much easier to find than the perfect variant. This type of Mothman Egg is able to be found scattered about Appalachia by visiting the various areas associated with Mothman. These areas include the following locations:

  • Point Pleasant – Found at the base of the Mothman statue.
  • Clancy Manor – Can be found on the first floor of the manor near the fireplace.
  • Ingram Mansion – There are a few egg clusters that can be harvested inside the house.
  • Kanawha County Cemetery – Can be found in a shed near the road.
  • Moth-Home – Some eggs can be found inside the shrine.
  • Sacrament – Eggs can be found around the shrines.

If you are looking for Perfect Mothman Eggs, those can only be obtained during the Mothman Equinox. This seasonal event requires you to light three pyres and pay tribute to Mothman. This event takes place in Point Pleasant. During the event, you will fight multiple Cultist High Priest enemies. When looting these enemies, you have a small chance to obtain Cultist High Priest Packs. Open this item to get Mothman Eggs. Perfect Mothman Eggs can spawn in these packs.

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What to do with Perfect Mothman Eggs in Fallout 76

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After you get Perfect Mothman Eggs, you can choose to eat them raw, cook them, or throw them away. This would be a mistake. While this is okay to do with normal Mothman Eggs, the perfect variant should be used during the Mothman Equinox event. Behind the Mothman statue in Point Pleasant is the Cradle of the Pretenders. Place the Perfect Mothman Eggs in this tub during the collection phase of the event. Doing this will turn the Vengeful Mothman into Mothman Hatchinglings during the defense phase.