How to get a Stun Gun taser in GTA Online

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By simply playing Grand Theft Auto Online, you are sure to fill out your armory with tons of deadly weapons that you can pull out at any time. When looking at the dozens of potential firearms that you can equip, you will likely seek out the more explosive and deadly ones, but there is one you can use to electrocute your adversaries if you are not looking to kill them outright. Here is how to get a Stun Gun Taser in GTA Online.

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How to buy a Stun Gun taser in Grand Theft Auto Online

While you may look at acquiring most weapons from an Ammu Nation store in Grand Theft Auto Online, that is not how you get the Stun Gun taser. For this weapon, you must own an Agency alongside Franklin and have an Armory installed within it. If you already have the Agency, the renovation upgrade will cost you $700,000 normally, but it may be on sale for closer to $400,000.

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When you have an Armory, go to the top floor of your Agency and you will find a room filled with weapons and ammo. You can edit your loadout here and talk to the man sitting at the laptop to purchase weapons at a discount.

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To find the Stun Gun, enter the Pistol section and scroll to the bottom. It will cost over $300,000 to purchase.

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Once you have bought the Stun Gun, you can pull it out and shoot enemies to tase them. You do have to be in close proximity to them, and there is a lengthy recharge rate after you fire it once. However, this is a weapon you can use to mess with your friends without killing them. It will make them shake and drop to the ground, but they will get up with minimal damage. If you use it on pedestrians, they will be knocked out.