How to get all four challenge badges for the Genesis Collection Event in Apex Legends

Challenges for Battle Royale and Arenas.

Genesis Badges

Images via Respawn

The Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event may focus on the actual collection, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges too. There are four earnable badges acquired by completely challenges during the duration of the event (and a fifth earned via the Prize Tracker). Three that are earn via the challenges themselves, and one earn via earning all other badges. This is the first time that challenge badges have been split into Battle Royale badges and Arenas badges. In order to get them all, players will have to play both modes.

All Genesis badge challenges

These Badges are only earnable until July 13.

Genesis Behemoth

Deal 10,000 damage to enemy players in Battle Royale during the Genesis Event.

This is the easiest badge to earn. The best way to earn it quick in playing high-damage Legends, or just sticking to Legends you are really good with. If you are looking to go more aggressive, some examples of aggressive Legends are Bloodhound and Revenant.

Genesis Juggernaut

Knock Down 100 enemy players in Battle Royale during the Genesis Event.

This badge takes a bit more time, but is definitely doable. This one is more just about playing often over the course of the event. If you are used to getting your 50 kills in a week style weekly challenges in a week’s time, this challenge should be no problem for you, as you only have to get knocks, not even kills.

Genesis Active Participant

Win 50 Arena Games during the Genesis Event.

This in the only challenge for Arenas, that said, it’s a pretty high number. The average player probably doesn’t even play 25 Arenas matches in a week, let alone win all of them. This is all about keeping at it and pumping out some wins. A strong pre-made squad is recommended for this challenge.

Genesis Master

Earn all other Genesis Badges.

The trickiest thing about earning the master badge this time around is balancing your time between Battle Royale and Arenas. One or the other is pretty easy to do, but if you want to complete all three, time management is of the essence. Good luck.