How to get all Sweet Death weapons for Killers in Dead by Daylight

The sweetest weapons for Killers.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

The Haunted by Daylight Halloween event has arrived to Dead by Daylight. In it, players can earn Void Energy by completing various tasks, depending on whether they’re playing as a Survivor or a Killer. By completing these objectives, exclusive cosmetics will be available for the Survivors and Killers. As a Killer, you can earn candy-themed weapons against the fleeing Survivors. Here’s what you need to know about how to get the Sweet Death weapons for Killers in Dead by Daylight.

How to get the candy-themed Killer weapons in Dead by Daylight

Similar to the glow-in-the-dark skeleton shirts you can earn as Survivors in Haunted by Daylight, you will need to work your way through the various objectives playing as Killers or Survivors, and earn 30 Void Energy. For Killers, the only way to obtain Void Energy is by downing a Survivor and hooking them. You will earn Void Energy for each of these actions. You can bank it at an Unstable Rift on the map when you have enough Void Energy. You can only earn 30 Void Energy per match, which is your primary focus to complete and earn all the rewards.

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However, not every Killer can earn one of the Sweet Weapons. Despite this, any Killer or Survivor you play will have the chance to unlock these cosmetics. There’s no obvious track revealing your progress, so you see it at the end of the game. There are 12 rewards for you to receive in total through the Haunted by Daylight event.

These are all the Killers that can earn a Sweet Death weapon during the Haunted by Daylight event.

  • The Doctor
  • The Hillbilly
  • The Nurse
  • The Plague
  • The Trapper
  • The Twins

The Haunted by Daylight event will be available from October 13 to November 2. You have this entire time to earn all Sweet Death weapons and complete any other Haunted by Daylight challenges.