How to get Allagan Tomestone of Causality in Final Fantasy XIV

Another grind begins.

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Your Allagan Tomestones in Final Fantasy XIV are the primary way you’ll be unlocking particular armors and weapon upgrades for your character in the game. These will be a good way for you to increase your character’s average item level, giving them access to higher-level content and preparing them for the more formidable challenges awaiting you. Not all of the Allagan Tomestones are the same. This guide covers how you can get the Allagan Tomestone of Causality in Final Fantasy XIV.

Where to get Allagan Tomestone of Causality in Final Fantasy XIV

There are multiple ways for you to earn Allagan Tomestone of Causality. The first method is through Level 90 and Expert dungeons. These will be available as you reach the end of the Endwalker expansion and complete the final Main Scenario Quests.

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Many of the dungeons at the end of this expansion will be for characters who have reached level 90. You can go through these dungeons yourself through the duty finder or directly go to Duty Roulette and click on the Level 90 Dungeons tab. You will earn extra rewards for doing this once daily, but those rewards won’t be available until the next day. The same goes for Expert dungeons.

Another way to earn Causality Tomestones is by competing in Casual or Ranked PvP matches. You can find these in the Crystalline Conflict tab, the final option in the Duty Finder. Both options offer the same amount of Tomestones, so don’t feel you need to force yourself into the Ranked matches if you’re uncomfortable with completing them.

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Next, alongside the dungeons, are the Endwalker raids. You can find these in your Duty Finder alongside the PvP tab. Here, there will be multiple raids for you complete after you reach the end of the Endwalker campaign, and you will want to work your way through these if you plan to earn more Causality Tomestones. The same goes for Endwalker Trials.

Repeating this content will be important to earn enough Allagan Tomestones of Causality. You can earn 450 of them per week before you reach your maximum. Once you do, you will need to wait until the next Tuesday to earn them again.