How to get an Empty Vial in Disney Dreamlight Valley

An important ingredient for any enchantment.

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As you progress through Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will end up collecting various items that are used as materials to craft furniture to decorate your home and the valley. Sometimes, you will need to use these materials to craft other items that will be used for quests. Empty Vials are a very common item that you will frequently need to craft during multiple quests so that you can cast enchantments. This guide will show you how to get Empty Vials in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to craft Empty Vials

There are multiple items that are labeled as “Refined Materials” in the crafting menu. These items are created by gathering materials and are often used to progress through quests for the residents of the valley. For instance, residents will typically ask you to make Empty Vials so that you can create potions. Other materials they often ask for are Tinkering Parts and Fiber.

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The crafting recipe for Empty Vials is a simple one. All you need are three pieces of Glass. Glass is another one of the refined materials on the list that you need Sand to make. It takes five lumps of Sand and one Coal to make one piece of Glass. You can get sand from Dazzle Beach. All you need to do is dig up the sand until you have the required amount. You can also get sand by breaking apart the sea debris that litters the beach.

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Once you have the required amount of Sand and Coal, head over to a crafting station and you will be able to make Glass. After crafting enough Glass, you can refine it further to make a Glass Vial. If you are considering saving Empty Vials to use for crafting projects, then you should wait. Currently, there are no crafting recipes that require the use of Empty Vials and you will only be using them during quests.