How to get Benevolent Emblems in Dead by Daylight

Be a savior.


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Survivors and Killers are rewarded for their actions in a Trial with Emblems at the end of the match. These all have their own requirements, and some are much harder to achieve than others. This guide explains how to get Benevolent Emblems and gives you a few tips to improve the quality of yours.

How do you get Benevolent Emblems?

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Benevolent Emblems are awarded to Survivors for their altruistic actions in a Trial. Actions such as unhooking your fellow Survivors, taking a hit from the Killer as they carry a Survivor, or healing other Survivors all count toward this Emblem. It’s about doing everything you feel like you should be doing in a match on top of repairing generators. Prioritizing helping other players over escaping is what you need to do to push this Emblem further.

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This and all Emblems are important because they can be linked to Tome challenges and count toward your overall Survivor level. This level is what your rewards on the monthly reset are based on. Your level is reset on the 13th of every month and currency is awarded based on your Survivor level, so pushing it higher is always a good thing.

How to improve the quality of your Benevolent Emblem

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The quality of your Benevolent Emblem is based on a few things. The first two times each Survivor is hooked cost every Survivor points, but they can be clawed back by unhooking Survivors safely, as in when the Killer isn’t around, by healing each other, or by taking a hit from the Killer as they carry a Survivor. Even making the Killer drop one of your allies is a way to boost these points. Unhooking a Survivor in an unsafe way, like when the Killer is nearby, cost you more points from this Emblem. The more of these actions you perform, and the less you’re hooked, the better the quality of your Benevolent Emblem at the end of the Trial.