How to get Chibi Ashe in Teamfight Tactics

Unite the Freljord with this ice princess.

Image via Riot Games

Part of the charm of Teamfight Tactics is the Little Legends that you use as your in-game avatars. Whether you’re a softie for the Sauna Sprite or a KDA Furyhorn fan, no one can deny that the Chibi champions have been an adorable hit. These mini, chibi-fied versions of classic League of Legends characters are beloved by players (even if the Dragonmancer Yasuo animation is very, very annoying to lose to). How do you get the newest iteration, Chibi Ashe, then?

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Where to find Chibi Ashe

While Set 6 only had three, Arcane-related Chibi Champions, Set 7 has already released another four Chibi champions. Yasuo came with the Set 7 release, but Lee Sin was a Set 7.5 launch option. Shortly after, Kai’Sa became a new Chibi Champion, and this past week, Chibi Ashe joined their ranks.

If you go to the in-client shop for TFT, you should be able to readily find the Chibi Champions. The newest ones tend to sit at the top with other fresh Little Legends. The basic Chibi Champion can be bought with 1,900 RP, which is the equivalent of roughly $15. You can scroll down further in the shop and purchase all other Chibi Champions (Jinx, Vi, Ekko, Yasuo, Lee Sin, and Kai’Sa) at this same price.

Images via Riot Games

Other recent variations

Just like Lee Sin and Yasuo before them, both Ashe and Kai’Sa have a fancier Dragonmancer version of themselves. However, for people who want the extra animations and drama of these Chibi Champion skins, they’ll need more than just a little cash. They’ll need luck, too. These Dragonmancer versions can only be found in certain Little Legends eggs. For example, the new Dragonmancer Archer eggs only cost about $3-$4, but each one only has a 2% chance to get Dragonmancer Ashe. The game will allow you to open up to 60 eggs before it forces the shop to give you a Dragonmancer Ashe, meaning you could spend over $200 on one specialized Chibi. While these little champions are very cute, be careful with your credit card.

Does Chibi Ashe have a finisher?

The base model of Chibi Ashe does not have a finisher. Bad news for haters of the Dragonmancer Yasuo finisher though: Dragonmancer Ashe has her own. No, she will not gently shoot an arrow through your heart. She’ll shoot one like a laser beam at you until your body evaporates.

At least your death will be cool, no matter how soul-crushing it might feel.