How to get Cloud Accretion in Destiny 2

Track down this resource fast.

Image via Bungie

Cloud Accretions are the primary resource on Neptune in Destiny 2. You need to hunt these down while exploring the planet, tracking it for the Unfinished Business exotic quest, and trying to get the Deterministic Chaos exotic. Here’s what you need to know about how to get Cloud Accretions and how to find them in Destiny 2 quickly.

Where to find Cloud Accretions in Destiny 2

You can find Cloud Accretions by interacting with them while exploring Neomuna. You’ll need to wander around the three districts in this area and extract it as you have like the previous planets in Destiny 2. These can be quickly located by holding up your Ghost and having them highlighted on your UI for you, making it easier to track them down, rather than going in blind as you complete Public Events and various patrols on Neomuna. They’re only highlighted briefly, so don’t rely too much on your Ghost.

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Screenshot by Gamepur

Using the Enhanced Resource Detector on your Ghost is a good way around this. Now, you’ll have distinct resource node icons above these locations while exploring Neomuna, making locating them easier while playing. Our best recommendation is to search for it in the Límíng Harbor district on the far south side of Neomuna, where you can find Vex. These Vex will drop Cipher Qudbits, which are also a part of the Unfinished Business quest.

After finishing this quest, you can remove the Enhanced Resource Extractor module from your Ghost. You only need to find a few of them, but tracking these down is relatively easy while exploring Neomuna.