How to get Coconuts in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The tale of how an eel became a coconut.

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There are plenty of ingredients to find as you progress through Disney Dreamlight Valley and visit the various biomes. While you are picking Bananas and Raspberries, you might notice that there is one fruit missing from the bunch; Coconuts. That is because they haven’t arrived yet. You need, or rather, a demigod needs to bring them in. Here is how you get Coconuts in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to get Coconuts

Before you can get Coconuts, you first need to bring Maui to the island. He can be found inside the Moana Realm along with Moana. This realm can be opened from inside Dream Castle; once when you first enter the castle and later on. Depending on when you choose to open the realm, it will either cost 50 or 3,000 Dreamlight. Complete the quests in the Moana Realm to unlock Moana and have her appear in the valley.

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Once Moana is there, head back to her realm and you can complete a quest for Maui to have him come to the valley as well. Once he is there, you will need to increase your Friendship level with him to level two. Talking to Maui afterward will give you the quest called ‘Burying the Eel.’

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During this quest, you will need to craft some traps and place them by the docks. The materials needed for the traps are softwood and worms which can be found around the Plaza and Pleasant Valley. After placing the traps, catch an eel. After catching the eel, dig a hole on the beach and plant it. Tend to the sprout and a Coconut Tree will appear shortly. As time progresses, more Coconut Trees will appear along the beach.