How to get Devout Emblems in Dead by Daylight

Serve a greater purpose.


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Every action you make in Dead by Daylight counts towards an award at the end of the Trial, an Emblem. These Emblems are essential for your overall progression and can affect Tome challenges. This guide explains how to get Devout Emblems and provides a few tips on improving their quality.

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How do you get Devout Emblems?

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Devout Emblems are awarded to Killers for their ability to sacrifice and kill Survivors. If nothing else, this is the Emblem you should be able to get from every Trial as a Killer. You get points for eliminating Survivors from the Trial, and while killing them by any means will help boost your Emblem, you need to try to focus on sacrificing them. After all, The Entity is the powerful deity that brought Killers and Survivors together, so it only makes sense that the Killer serves this god by doing its bidding.

These Emblems are important to pick up because they can be part of Tome challenges and boost your overall Killer level. This Killer level is what you’ll earn rewards from when it’s reset on the 13th of the month. The higher your level, the more currency you’ll earn to purchase cosmetics.

How to improve the quality of Devout Emblems

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Focusing on sacrificing Survivors is your key to getting a better quality Devout Emblem. Killing Survivors with sacrifices, moris, and reverse beartraps all grant the same amount of points. If you hook all the Survivors at least once, you’ll get a guaranteed bronze Devout Emblem, but hooking Survivors nine or more times will give you an Iridescent quality Emblem. Most Killers can do this, but you’ll need to be hooking Survivors and then running off to find more, so a speedier Killer such as The Dredge is perfect.