How to get Fangmon in Digimon Survive

Recruit this dangerous trickster to your team.


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Fangmon is one of the earliest champion level monsters you’ll come across in Digimon Survive, along with Deltamon, Meramon, and Dokugumon. It’s also one of the game’s early antagonists, with a boss encounter on a bridge dedicated to fighting it. Fangmon stands out for its extremely good speed ad mobility, with a massive Move Amount of 4, and a very nice Vertical Movement of 2. While its standard attack only deals moderate damage and should be used mostly while flanking, Blast Coffin adds some range and a huge amount of extra damage at the cost of 30 SP.

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How to befriend Fangmon

To befriend Fangmon, you’ll need to talk to one in battle in order to start a negotiation. The earliest you can do this is during Part 3 of the story, in the Free Battle area outside the school. Fangmon is a bit of a trickster, so many of the questions it asks during negotiation are meant to be deceptive or riddle-like. The best answers usually involve staying calm and refusing to fall for any of the tricks. If you’d rather not leave it up to chance, though, the best answers for each possible question are as follows:

QuestionBest Answer
Let’s make a deal: Throw the fight and I’ll give you an item!I don’t believe you.
I bet you’ve got some secrets, huh? Go on, tell me one! I dare you!Secrets? I wonder…
Trying to pick a fight with a peace-lover like me… You humans are so cruel.So let’s call it off.
What do you think decides what’s right or wrong?Reality itself.
Who do you think is worse? The deceiver or the deceived?The deceiver, duh!
You may think of those around you as friends, but perhaps you’re actually alone?I wouldn’t mind.
You sure like to puff out your chest around a weak monster like myself.Strength’s irrelevant.

If you answer correctly enough times, you’ll be given a choice to either ask for items or befriend Fangmon. Although choosing to befriend comes with a percentage chance of failure, the fact that Fangmon is available in the Free Battle area means you have the option of returning to try again as many times as you want.