How to get Foundation’s Vengeance in Fallout 76

Appalachia’s most powerful weapon.

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The Test Your Metal update brought in plenty of additional items for you to find in Fallout 76. Among these items were a large number of legendary weapons that stand out among the sea of legendary items that were already in the game. If you are looking for a powerful heavy weapon look no further than Foundation’s Vengeance. Named after the Settlers’ new home from the Wastelanders DLC, this weapon is sure to help you take back the wasteland one bullet at a time. This guide will look at how you can get the Foundation’s Vengeance in Fallout 76.

How to find Foundation’s Vengeance in Fallout 76

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Alongside the legendary weapons, the Test Your Metal update also brought in new public events. These public events are Test Your Metal, Eviction Notice, and Moonshine Jamboree. The hardest, and most rewarding of these public events is Eviction Notice. It is from this event that you have a chance to obtain the Foundation’s Vengeance weapon. This event has five other legendary weapons that you can get from it so the odds of receiving this one aren’t the highest. Unlike other legendary items, this one can only drop from this event and you cannot learn the plans to craft.

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Foundation’s Vengeance perks

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Among the weapons that you can get from the Eviction Notice event, Foundation’s Vengeance is one of the most powerful. This is thanks to the three legendary perks that it has. Every time you obtain this weapon, it will have the following perks:

  • Bullets explode for area damage
  • +250 damage resistance while reloading
  • Damage increases as health decreases

Thanks to these perks, Foundation’s Vengeance has been labeled as one of the most overpowered weapons in the game. If you are able to get lucky enough to have it drop for you, make sure to hang onto it. If you have multiple, you can sell them to the Purveyor for 40 Scrip each. You can also sell them in your camp if you need a few extra Caps.