How to get Gatekeeper Emblems in Dead by Daylight

Prevent them from leaving.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

The Gatekeeper Emblem in Dead by Daylight is one you can earn while playing as the Killer. You will earn this at the end of a match based on your performance while battling against the group of Survivors. Because it is only you, all Killers can expect to have some trouble with this one, but it will improve your score at the end of a Trial. In this guide, we’re going to cover how to get Gatekeeper Emblems in Dead by Daylight.

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How to earn Gatekeeper Emblems

Every Emblem in Dead by Daylight has different rankings associated with it. You can earn four at the end of a match: bronze, silver, gold, and iridescent. The more points you earn completing specific actions as a Killer, the higher ranking Emblem you can earn for the Gatekeeper. These are the points you need to earn for each ranking for a Gatekeeper Emblem.

  • Bronze: 10 points
  • Silver: 15 points
  • Gold: 25 points
  • Iridescent: 35 points

The Gatekeeper Emblem is about preventing Survivors from completing any of the Generators. There are five available throughout a Trial, and the Survivors will actively attempt to repair these machines before the end of the match. If they can complete four of these five, any Survivors still alive have a chance to make it to the Exit Gate and escape. As a Killer trying to earn the Gatekeeper Emblem, you want to prevent players from completing these objectives, and each minute they have not completed them, you will earn more points.

Each minute these generators remain deactivated, a Killer will earn points for how many generators are not online. Here’s the full breakdown of how the point system works for tallying up your Gatekeeper Emblem.

  • Earn five points if five generators are deactivated and a minute has gone by
  • Earn four points if four generators are deactivated and a minute has gone by
  • Earn three points if three generators are deactivated and a minute has gone by
  • Earn two points if two generators are deactivated and a minute has gone by
  • Earn one point if one generator is deactivated and a minute has gone by
  • You will earn no points if all generators are activated
  • Earn 10 points for preventing Survivors from reaching any Exit Gate and keeping them shut at the end of a trial

Even if you lose the game as a Killer, there are ways to earn a decent amount of points for the Gatekeeper Emblem. Your goal is to keep the Survivors on the run and away from the generators, and you want to run out the clock as much as possible. The longer it takes the Survivors to complete a generator, the more points you earn at the end of the match for the Gatekeeper Emblem, but this process can be difficult because keeping track of four Survivors is a tasking job.

We recommend finding ways to split them off objectives and keep Survivors focused on saving each other rather than attempting to repair generators. You will want to be as aggressive as possible to seek them out and actively protect the generators.