How to get Hearts of Summit in Tower of Fantasy

A stronger version of Rockcore.

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There is no denying that Tower of Fantasy has a lot of different upgrade materials. You have materials to upgrade your vehicles, armor, and weapons. On top of that, you also have materials to augment those weapons. Hearts of Summit are one of the materials required to augment weapons in Tower of Fantasy. Unfortunately, this material isn’t the easiest to find and may take you a little while to obtain.

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How to find Hearts of Summit in Tower of Fantasy

Hearts of Summit are the more rare version of the Rockcore crystals. You have probably obtained a lot of Rockcore since it is easy to obtain throughout the game. That Rockcore can be put to good use since it can be fused together to create Hearts of Summit. To do this, go into your backpack menu and select the Rockcore from the materials section.

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You will notice on the right side of the Rockcore info page that there is a tab that says “fuse.” Select the “fuse” option to open the fusion menu. In this menu, you can select how many Rockcore you want to get rid of to make Hearts of Summit. It takes four Rockcore to make one Heart of Summit. Once you have the number you want selected, hit the fuse button to finish it.

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You can also farm for Hearts of Summit in the game, but they are rare to obtain. Some of the enemies that drop Hearts of Summit are the Behemoths. The locations of the Behemoths are marked on the map above. It may take some time before you start getting Hearts of Summit to drop, but the Behemoths drop them more than other enemies we have seen.