How to Get Icy Feet in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1

Feeling chilly this holiday season? Here’s how you can get Icy Feet and travel the distance in Fortnite Winterfest.

Icy Feet Quest in Fortnite Winterfest

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Fortnite’s Winterfest 2023 event is hamming up even more ridiculous quests each week. Now, it’s suddenly asking us to get Icy Feet and slide continuously in a match. Well, I’ll do anything for some extra EXP, so I might as well dip my toes in.

During Fortnite’s winter event, players can witness a fair amount of quests. Completing them won’t be easy, especially since the battleground is inhospitable and full of people trying to murder you. However, getting the quests done will reward you with some sweet EXP, which is enough to motivate me. This week’s quests include one that asks you to get Icy Feet in Fortnite and travel distance while sliding. In this guide, I’ll show you how to complete this quest in the game.

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Every Way To Get Icy Feet in Fortnite

Icy Feet in Fortnite Winterfest
Screenshot by Gamepur

Icy Feet is a status effect you can get in Fortnite. You’ll notice you have Icy Feet when your character’s feet are covered in two ice cubes, which makes you incredibly slippery but also super fast. When you’re running in the direction you’re slipping, you can pretty much cover the entire map in a matter of minutes. Here’s every way in which you can get Icy Feet in Fortnite:

  • Catch and use a Snowy Flopper fish, which you can find in any lake or body of water in the game, especially in cold areas like Hazy Hillside.
  • Get, throw, and break a Sneaky Snowmando you can purchase from Leelah.
  • Get and use an Icy Grappler, which you can find as random loot all over the map.

Of all thee options, I’ve found the Icy Grappler to be the easiest to slide with. Once you’ve got Icy Feet, it’s time to slide all over the map like your life depends on it.

How to Travel Distance with Icy Feet in Fortnite

Icy Grapple in Fortnite Winterfest
Screenshot by Gamepur

To travel a distance while sliding continuously with Icy Feet, press the slide button or key to slide while you have Icy Feet. This quest is easier to complete if you attempt this feat atop a mountain and take advantage of the downward slope.

Just so you know, Icy Feet only break when you hit water or jump, so you can try to slide continuously both in snowy or regular terrain. The Icy Grappler gives you a nice speed boost to slide faster and for longer periods, so make sure snagging one is at the top of your list.