How to get loathsome, haunting, and vexatious memories of the dying for Resistance weapons in Final Fantasy XIV

Keep upgrading your Resistance weapon.

Image via Square Enix

With the release of new Save the Queen quests, Resistance weapons see the next upgrade steps. After upgrading weapons with tortured, sorrowful, and harrowing memories, followed by bitter memories, the next step involves even more memories. This time, players must gather loathsome, haunting, and vexatious memories, and then timeworn artifacts to cap things off. In the end, you’ll earn an item level 515 weapon for your job, with five materia slots available for you to meld.

Gather 15 loathsome memories for “Change of Arms”

After clearing Castrum Lacus Litore in the Bozjan Southern Front, players can pick up the “Change of Arms” quest from Zlatan at the usual spot in Gangos. He will ask you to collect 15 loathsome memories of the dying. You can get these from the Crystal Tower, Syrcus Tower, of World of Darkness 24-man alliance raids at level 50. After clearing one raid, you are guaranteed one loathsome memory of the dying. 

You could also farm these from Critical Engagements in the Bozjan Southern Front. But the drop rate inside Bozja is terrible and not recommended. Sadly, the most efficient route is to farm the Crystal Tower raids. This pattern repeats for the next step in the quest chain.

Gather 18 haunting memories and 18 vexatious memories for “The Resistance Remembers”

Continue and pick up the next quest, “The Resistance Remembers.” This time, you’ll have to collect 18 haunting memories of the dying. You can farm these from Void Ark, the Weeping City of Mhach, or Dun Scaith, the 24-man alliance raids at level 60. Like the level 50 raids, you will get one haunting memory per successful run. Alternatively, you can farm FATEs in the level 61-70 Gyr Abania zones in the Fringes, the Peaks, and the Lochs. The drop rate from FATEs are abysmal, so once again, your best bet will be to farm the level 60 alliance raids.

For this step, you must also gather 18 vexatious memories of the dying. You’ll find these as guaranteed drops from the level 70 Ivalice raids within the Royal City of Rabanastre, the Ridorana Lighthouse, and the Orbonne Monastery. Or you can grab these from FATEs in the level 61-70 Othard zones in the Ruby Sea, Yanxia, and Azim Steppe. As you can guess, these FATE drop rates are just as bad as the others.

Gather 15 timeworn artifacts for “A New Path of Resistance”

Concluding these grindy upgrade steps, the final quest chain, “A New Path of Resistance,” requires 15 timeworn artifacts. You can find these within the Palace of the Dead or Delubrum Reginae. When you’re finally done with that, you get the option to pick the stats of your new item level 515 weapon. If you’d like to change your weapon’s stats later on, pick up an Aetherial Sealant for 100 Allagan tomestones of poetics.