How to get Mirror Image in Final Fantasy XIV

When will my reflection show?

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The fantastical realm of Final Fantasy XIV gets even more significant with the release of patch 6.35. A new world of adventure and excitement awaits you, offering everything from new dungeons and quests, to tantalizing loot and treasures. If you’re the fishing kind, the devs have something in store for you. The timeless pursuit of tranquility and relaxation in an epic adventure also gets new content with the update. But, of course, we are talking about a big catch: the Mirror Image. Fishing in FFXIV can be a nuanced and complex endeavor, requiring a keen eye, quick reflexes, and a bit of luck. So, grab your rods because here’s how to find Mirror Image in Final Fantasy XIV.

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Where to find Mirror Image in Final Fantasy XIV

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Mirror Image is a new fish added in patch 6.35. To find it, you’ll need to be at least level 70 and have a solid fishing rod to catch it. Mirror Image spawns in Il Mheg, specifically in the Handmirror Lake, at the following coordinates: X:4, Y:22. You can also follow the location on the map to find it.

In the Handmirror Lake, you’ll find some of the highest-leveled fish in the game, such as the coveted level 80 Leannisg. If you’re planning on catching the Mirror Image, you best embark on this fishing trip prepared. We strongly recommend you equip a Splendorous Fishing Rod and trigger Collect and Patience II before taking your chances.

How to farm Mirror Image in Final Fantasy XIV

Reddit user Yuhi_Heroes designed a fully-readied macro for players to farm Mirror Image in the game. If you simply can’t stand still after patch 6.35 just released new, shiny content, you can resort to using the following macro:

/macroicon “Cast”

/ac “Cast”

/echo “Cast Countdown started” <wait.7>

/echo “Reel try” <se.1>

/ac “Precision Hookset”