How to get more Bucks in Riders Republic

Stuff your wallet.

Image via Ubisoft

There are two resources you’ll be collecting while playing Riders Republic. The first is Stars, which are used to level up your progression meter and allow you to unlock new events, sports, and sponsors. The second is Bucks, which of course, acts as a currency. Bucks allow you to buy Helicopter Tickets to fast travel anywhere on the map. The primary use of Bucks, however, is to purchase new cosmetic items for your rider. You’re going to need plenty of Bucks if you want to unlock the coolest gear, so let’s look at how you can add to your rider’s bank account.

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Career Progression

The first way to get Bucks is by completing events and leveling up in a career. Careers are tied to what sport you’re currently playing and are broken into different categories: bike race, bike tricks, snow race, snow tricks, and air. Each career has a separate progression meter, giving you plenty of opportunities to gain some Bucks.

Big and Boss Events

As you make your way through Riders Republic, you’ll unlock Big and Boss events. These events are major challenges and unlock at specific milestones. The first time you complete a Big or Boss event, you’ll gain Bucks. It’s in your best interest to do as many of these events as you can.

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Daily Contracts

Another great way to add Bucks is to complete daily contracts. You can only get daily contracts once you’ve unlocked your first sponsor. You can only have three sponsors at a time, but you can switch them out every two hours. In addition to the sponsor contracts, you’ll also gain additional Bucks for completing a certain number of contracts in a day; you’ll get a bonus 1000 Bucks each time you complete three, six, and nine daily contracts.