How to Get More Songs in Fortnite Festival

Fortnite Festival has a base setlist for players to enjoy, but the key to enjoying a game like that is being able to get more songs.

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Fortnite Festival is packed with songs for players to tap buttons in time to the beat, allowing them to score points and unlock Overdrive powers so they can increase their score. However, the setlist gets old after a while, so it’s good to know how to get more songs.

In Fortnite Festival, players relive the glory days of rhythm games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Once they’ve chosen a setlist from the tracks available, they hit the stage and perform to a crowd of screaming fans. However, games like this live and die on the variety of songs they have, so players will want to unlock more songs over time to keep their sets fresh and ensure they enjoy the experience every time they load it up.

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How Do You Unlock More Songs in Fortnite Festival

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Players unlock and get more songs for Fortnite Festival by earning them from the Festival Pass, similar to how Auras are unlocked. This is Fortnite Festival’s Battle Pass, and Festival Points for it can be earned by completing sets on the Main Stage and by completing Fortnite Festival quests.

The tracks players unlock won’t appear in the options for the Main Stage instantly. Players will need to wait for the next daily refresh, and possibly subsequent ones, to see if their new tracks are added to the roster for them to tackle on the Main Stage.

For Season One of Fortnite Festival, players can unlock three new tracks, all from the premium track. To get this track, players will need to buy the premium Festival Pass for 1,800 V-Bucks, roughly $20/£20. Of course, more tracks will undoubtedly be added with future seasons to both the base setlist and the bonus tracks players can unlock through the Festival Pass.

How to Play Jam Tracks in Fortnite

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To play Jam Tracks, players can jump into either battle royale mode or Fortnite Festival Jam Stage mode. Then, they can select a Jam Track from the emoticon wheel, and their character will start playing a song. Up to three other players can join them with individual instruments to make a complete band. Unfortunately, Jam Tracks can’t be used in LEGO Fortnite. We suspect this is because the animations for every instrument haven’t been created at the time of writing.

There are daily quests associated with the Jam Stage that players can earn Festival Points from by launching it and playing a Jam Track with others for up to 30 minutes. In battle royale mode, Jam Tracks are more of a novelty that’s fun for a while but could end up getting players killed by others who don’t want to join in.