How To Unlock Auras in Fortnite Festival

Auras are an incredible cosmetic in Fortnite that can only be unlocked by participating and earning loads of points in Fortnite Festival.


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Fortnite Festival is a revival of the rhythm-based music games that sparked a genre with Guitar Hero and Rock Band. It brings a plethora of new features to Fortnite, including a fancy new way for players to express themselves through Auras.

Auras are a new form of cosmetic in Fortnite Festival that allow players to express themselves anytime they hop into the Main Stage or Jam Stage game modes. They light up a character, adding a new layer or customization that makes them stand out from the crowd and look incredible when playing every song. However, they’re not simply handed to players. Instead, players have to unlock Auras before they can use them.

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How Do You Get Auras in Fortnite Festival?

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To unlock Auras in Fortnite Festival, players must earn Festival Points by playing on the Main Stage and completing Fortnite Festival quests. We’ve found it surprisingly difficult to earn Festival Points because quests award so few of them, so it takes a long time to rack up enough to purchase them.

Players can buy Auras from the Festival Pass in Fortnite, which is a separate season pass in Fortnite that costs 1,800 V-Bucks. Season One contains two Auras, Stellar Burst and Bouncing Bars. They can be equipped to a character using the locker, the same as with all other cosmetics.

Auras appear over a character when players load into one of the Fortnite Festival stages. They’re added highlights that can make the game mode look so much better, but they don’t have any impact on the gameplay itself when it comes to hitting notes or multipliers.

Can You Use Auras in Fortnite Battle Royale?

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No, we don’t believe it’s possible to use Auras in Fortnite’s battle royale mode. When Auras are unlocked, they contain explainer text that shows which modes they can be used in. Every Aura we’ve seen so far in the game is only usable in Fortnite Festival.

However, it’s entirely possible that Epic Games could change this in the future, making all Auras usable in battle royale. The only disadvantage to this would be that Auras make players even more visible when running around the map. This would be a problem in any season of Fortnite, but in Chapter 5 Season 1 Underground, a season with weapon mods that allow for most weapons to have scopes, it’s even more of an issue.