How to get new clothes in The Good Life

Become a fashion icon!

Screenshot by Gamepur

Although your main task in The Good Life is to find out the secrets behind the happiest town on Earth, Rainy Woods, there’s a ton of other tasks the player can do during their playthrough. Players can do side quests for the Morning Bell or the town’s residents, farming, and crafting. One of the things that can be crafted is new clothing for Naomi to wear.

In order to get new clothing for Naomi, you’ll first have to head over to the Post Shop or Fancy and Bunny. They’re in the same building, so it doesn’t matter which one you go to. Inside, you’ll find the owner of both shops, Virginia Yeats. Before she can sell you any clothes, however, not only will you need enough money, you’ll also need to have enough materials. You can find materials in throughout Rainy Woods, let it be from something you pick up or from a merchant. Some of the materials, such as cotton and denim fabrics can be purchased directly from Virginia.

If you find yourself low on cash to buy either materials or clothes, you can always do the side quests and submit new pictures on the Flamingo app, which should give you enough cash to buy some items.

Outside of changing Naomi’s appearance, clothes can give you permanent buffs to your stamina, health, defense, and how much you can carry.