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How to get Pilot Helmet in Blox Fruits

Can you really surpass the speed of light?

Blox Fruits has some of the wildest pieces of equipment that give you different boosts. One of the most sought-after is the Pilot Helmet. It’s a rare item that gives you various buffs, including speed. Getting it can be tricky, and this Blox Guide will help you with that.

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How to obtain the Pilot Helmet

Before you can get the Pilot Helmet, you must be at the Third Sea because it is an exclusive item for that sea. Once you are at the Third Sea, go to Port Island, which is the starting Island, and then go toward its back area. Here you will find the Stone boss in the middle of the yellow terrain. Now you need to defeat that boss, who has a 5% chance of dropping the Pilot Helmet. The Stone boss uses the old version of the Bomb fruit and has two of its signature moves.

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With Stone being a higher-level boss, you must be cautious. Several of his attacks can easily take away most of your health. Since the Pilot Helmet is not guaranteed, you will likely need to kill this boss several times before it drops. The Stone boss spawns every 20 minutes, but you can speed things up by simply switching servers.

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Why get the Pilot Helmet in Blox Fruits

If used properly, Pilot Helmet can make you untouchable, being faster than the light flight of Light Fruit. It gives you a 130% speed boost, 10% health regeneration boost, 250 health points, and 250 stamina points. If you use this speed buff with Rabbit race, you will easily be faster than the light flight. Furthermore, if you take it a step further with Leopard Fruit’s speed buff, you will be untouchable, except with Flash Step or Portal fruit.

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