How to get purple dye in Minecraft

To mass-produce purple dye in Minecraft, finding a Flower Forest is essential.

Holding purple dye in Minecraft and Standing next to Purple Dye Objects and Blocks

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If you want to add a touch of royalty to your home in Minecraft, consider crafting purple dye for your bed, carpets, or glass panes. Dyes are a great way to add visual variety to basic items or blocks you always see during your playthrough. Likewise, purple dye is an excellent choice for a more noble tone, especially if purple is your favorite color. However, unlike red, yellow, or white dye, purple dye is not acquired from a single resource. Much like the color in the real world, purple is made when combining two specific colors into one.

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Crafting purple dye in Minecraft

Red Tulips and Cornflowers in Minecraft
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To make purple dye in Minecraft, you must combine red and blue dye on a crafting grid to combine them into purple. Red dye comes from four sources: Rose Bushes, Poppy flowers, Red Tulips, and Beetroots. Conversely, blue dye is made from only two materials: Lapis Lazuli and Cornflowers. Of course, those playing in Creative Mode will have no trouble spawning any of these items or simply purple dye itself. On the other hand, finding the resources required to make purple dye can be challenging if you are in Survival Mode without console commands active. 

We recommend using Beetroots or Red Tulips for red dye, depending on if you managed to find a Flower Forest. If you plan to mass-produce purple dye in Minecraft Survival, discovering a Flower Forest should be a top priority since it is the primary way you will farm blue dye with Cornflowers. You will naturally collect lots of Lapis Lazuli over hours of playtime. Still, we advise saving this material for enchanting, as enhanced tools and clothing can be invaluable on your journey. As a result, Cornflowers are the better alternative, mainly because they can be replenished in a Flower Forest using a simple trick.

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Beetroot and Lapis Lazuli in Minecraft
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If you find the spot the Cornflowers grow in a Flower Forest in Minecraft, you can instantly regrow them using bone meal. There are plenty of ways to farm and auto-farm bone meal using composters, so spending bone meal for this endeavor should not be an issue. However, you might wonder why we have not mentioned using bone meal for Red Tulip patches in Flower Forests. This is because we recommend that you save your bone-based fertilizer for blue dye production and instead construct a Beetroot farm for creating red dye. This way, you can efficiently spend your resources to easily make purple dye in Minecraft.