How to get Resonate Stem in Destiny 2

Another premium currency for the Season of the Seraph.

Image via Bungie

Resonate Stem is one of the smaller currencies you will earn in Destiny 2 while you play through the Season of the Seraph. It’s a critical item you need to use alongside the Resonance Amp, and when you have at least four Resonate Stems in your inventory, you can receive an override key. Here’s what you need to know about how to get Resonate Stem in Destiny 2.

Where to find Resonate Stem in Destiny 2

Similar to how you earn Seraph Key Codes, you’re going to unlock Resonate Stems. These become available simultaneously, but you’ll receive far fewer in number when you finish up an activity. For example, when we completed a Vanguard Strike activity for the first time with other Guardians, we received 285 Seraph Key Codes, and they were added to our inventory. When we received our Resonate Stem, we unlocked only two, which is far fewer than the other, but we don’t need as much Resonate Stems as we do the Seraph Key Codes.

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Essentially, you want to find an activity in Destiny 2 you enjoy and consistently do it during the Season of the Seraph. Each time you finish an activity, you’ll earn more Resonate Stem and it will sit in your inventory. However, rather than being another item added to the several resources you have already, it’s going to be inside the Resonance Amp. You need to collect at least four Resonate Stem to use the Amp, giving you an override code that you can use in other Season of the Seraph activities to earn more rewards.

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You can check to see how many Resonate Stems you’ve earned by hovering over the Resonance Amp. It is an epic item in your inventory.