How to get Slush Ice in Disney Dreamlight Valley

“Ice Ice Baby.”

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As you progress in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll accumulate several resources that will aid you in different aspects. While you’ll obtain most resources just by playing the game, some can only be obtained by completing specific tasks or purchasing through vendors. Slush Ice is one such material that can only be acquired by spending Star Coins (in-game currency) in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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How to obtain Slush Ice in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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To get your hands on Slush Ice in Dreamlight Valley, you need to spend 150 Star Coins in Remy’s pantry. However, before you can access Remy’s pantry, you need to unlock the NPC by completing his dedicated quest line in the game.

Unlocking Chez Remy’s pantry can be a tedious process. Here is every task you need to complete to be able to access his pantry:

  • Head to Dream Castle and unlock Ratatouille Realm.
  • When selecting your first realm, choose the “a restaurant with a great little chef” option. This will unlock Remy’s restaurant and kickstart his quest line.
  • Once the questline starts, help Remy fill restaurant orders by making various dishes. After completing the orders, interact with Remy again.
  • Leave the Ratatouille Realm and build Remy’s house by paying 2,000 Star Coins.
  • After building the house, Remy will ask you to buy Restaurant Furniture Kit from Scrooge’s shop. You can buy it for 2,000 Star Coins. 
  • Finally, Remy will ask you to gather several cooking ingredients, which include Oregano x10, Carrot x15, Rasberry x15, and Wheat x25. Fulfill the demand, and you’ll be able to buy items from Remy’s pantry moving forward.

Slush Ice is an ingredient used in several food recipes in the game. Some of the recipes that require Slush Ice include Apple Sorbet, Banana Ice Cream, and Tropical Pop. You can also consume Slush as it is to replenish 225 energy.