How to Get All Festival of the Lost 2023 Weapons and Insect Armor Ornaments in Destiny 2

Festival of the Lost 20223 in Destiny 2 brings with it a slew of haunted loot and the community-chosen insect armor ornament sets.


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Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2023 brings back the spookiest event in the game’s calendar year. Players must delve into Haunted Sectors to kill headless Hive, collect questionable Candy, and transform pages for a book.

However, the best part of any Destiny 2 event is the loot, and Festival of the Lost has bucketloads to offer. This year offers players the chance to earn a new set of community-chosen armor Ornaments, the grossest we think we’ve ever seen in the game.

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How to Get Festival of the Lost 2023 Weapons in Destiny 2

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There are a few ways for players to get Festival of the Lost weapons in Destiny 2 in 2023. The first and easiest is playing through Haunted Sectors. This is the activity that players will dive into most during the event, requiring them to kill Headless Ones to convert pages for the Book of the Forgotten. Event-exclusive weapons will drop from the chest at the end of Haunted Sectors. We picked up three from our first one, which should indicate how easy they are to acquire.

The second way for players to get Festival of the Lost weapons is by completing Event Challenges. There’s a set of these, one for Grenade Launches, Sniper Rifles, Auto Rifles, and Pulse Rifles. Each one awards a weapon of that type at a high Power Level for players to push their Guardians with.

Finally, players can collect Eerie Engrams by completing activities while wearing Festival of the Lost Masks and Hocus Focus them with Eva Levante. Hocus Focusing will refocus an Eerie Engram into an Eerie Weapons Engram, which is guaranteed to drop a random Festival of the Lost weapon.

We suggest that players push through the Festival of the Lost event until the last day or so before worrying about Hocus Focusing. This should be used to try to get tailored god rolls of each weapon. Players will pick up enough of them throughout the event that they needn’t worry about doing it any time sooner.

How to Get the Insect Armor Ornaments in Destiny 2

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To get the Insect Armor Ornaments in Destiny 2, players must visit the Eververse Store during Festival of the Lost 2023. Each insect armor Ornament set is called something different. For us, we saw the Mygalmorph Hunter Bundle, but Warlocks and Titans have their own bundles too. The Ornament bundle costs 1,500 Silver, Destiny 2’s premium currency, so players will need to invest some cash if they want to pick up these Ornaments.

We believe these Ornaments are worth buying because they’re one of the few sets that were chosen by the community. Bungie offers players a choice between sets, and this is the one that won the vote, so it’s a part of Destiny 2’s history and should be worn and showed off by as many players as possible.