How to get Superstar Mode in BitLife

How many challenges have you completed?

Image via Candywriters

The weekly challenges introduced in BitLife are a good way to put yourself to the test and complete some of the tougher tasks in the mobile game. Now, to show off how many you’ve completed, there’s an opportunity for players to earn the Superstar Mode for their BitLife profile. You will have to meet a few requirements if you want to access it. Here’s what you need to know about how to get Superstar Mode in BitLife.

How to unlock Superstar Mode in BitLife

The official BitLife Twitter page announced Superstar Mode. It’s an appearance mode that gives your BitLife UI a golden touch. The only way to access this is if you’ve completed at least 100 BitLife challenges on your profile.

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The total challenges must be completed on the same profile, not the same character. Many of the challenges take a character’s entire lifetime to complete. The BitLife challenges launch on Saturday and becomes unavailable after a few days, typically closing out on Wednesday four days later. Previously, they were no longer available if you missed out on these challenges. However, BitLife has created and launched the Challenge Vault. You can purchase this for $5, and it will unlock all the challenges the developers have released.

You can choose to start these challenges at any time after purchasing the Challenge Vault. Upon completing at least 100 of them, you can turn on Superstar Mode and add it to your BitLife UI. Outside of the altered appearance, there don’t appear to be any other in-game changes. The Superstar mode is likely a way to brag to other BitLife players to show how many of these harrowing tasks you’ve completed throughout your time playing the mobile game.