How to get Synthstrand in Destiny 2

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Image via Bungie

Synthstrand is an important resource for the transmog system that Destiny 2 introduced in Season of the Splicer. Called Armor Synthesis, it allows players to change the appearance of their armor, effectively turning old armor pieces into ornaments that they can then apply to their favorite pieces of equipment.

The basis of the Armor Synthesis system is Synthstrand. Players can earn Synthstrand by killing enemies anywhere in the game. Synthstrand is not a guaranteed drop, and should be thought of like other specialist resources that players have needed to hunt down over the years.

To start the process, players will first need to complete a quest for Ada-1, who has returned to the tower to take care of the Armor Synthesis system. All players will need to visit Ada before they can begin this process.

To farm Synthstrand, high enemy count activities are the way to go, such as Strikes, Battlegrounds, or Raid encounters. We will be running some tests when the new season goes live to find the best activities to farm Synthstrand, and will update this article accordingly. Players will need 150 Synthstrand which they can then bring to Ada-1 in the Tower. They can use the Synthstrand to purchase activity-specific bounties that they will need to complete to get another new form of currency called Synthcord.

These bounties can only be purchased from Ada-1 and will always cost 150 Synthstrand each, regardless of the type of bounty that players pick. There is no mechanic of item that players can use to increase the rate of Synthstrand drops.