How to get the Ager’s Scepter Catalyst in Destiny 2

The stasis trace rifle gets even colder.

Image via Bungie

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Mid-September in Destiny 2, we got our hands on the new stasis trace rifle Ager’s Scepter, and the community response to freezing everything in sight was pretty good. That being said, most were quick to notice a catalyst slot available for the gun, which has just become obtainable. Before you can get the catalyst for Ager’s Scepter, you have to actually get the exotic first, so make sure you finish the quest to get your hands on it.

Unlike previous exotic catalysts, acquiring the Ager’s Scepter catalyst is a pretty easy task that just requires some good RNG. Once you have the exotic trace rifle, hop into the Astral Alignment seasonal activity, kill the boss, and open the Wayfinder’s Trove chest with 150 Parallax Trajectory. It doesn’t seem to be a guaranteed drop on your first chest open, so be prepared to run through the activity a couple of times over.

Once you acquire the catalyst, you have to do a few more things to take advantage of the new perk. Like other catalysts, you must defeat 1,000 combatants using Ager’s Scepter, but you can speed up this process by defeating combatants with precision damage and obliterating the destructible walls within the Shattered Realm activity.

Once completed, the catalyst adds an entirely new perk to the gun called Will Given Form. When you have full super energy, this perk allows you to drain your super to overflow the magazine and empower the beam with bonus damage and the ability to slow and freeze targets until the magazine or Super energy runs out or the weapon is stowed. Of course, it will also generate orbs of power on multi-kills.