How To Get The Albedo Wing In Destiny 2’s The Dawning Event 2023

The Albedo Wing is available in Destiny 2 during the Dawning event, and this guide shows you where to go to grab one for yourself.

Where to Find the Albedo Wing in Destiny 2
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Destiny 2’s The Dawning returns for another year of holiday cheer, and you can take part in it for a limited time. During The Dawning 2023, players have a chance to unlock the Albedo Wing, a unique weapon that you can earn throughout the event.

How you unlock this weapon is specific to The Dawning 2023. For anyone looking to acquire the Albedo Wing, make sure you participate in the event. You won’t have long before it disappears, and you might have to wait until 2024 to get it again. Here’s what you need to know about how to get the Albedo Wing in Destiny 2’s The Dawning 2023 Event.

Where to Find The Albedo Wing in Destiny 2

How to Get The Albedo Wing in Destiny 2
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You can grab The Albedo Wing in Destiny 2 by speaking with Eva during The Dawning 2023 event. She will have it available in the Gifts of Dawning Present at the top of her menu, and you can choose to unlock the Albedo as a random roll for a Festive Engram, or you can choose to focus one for it.

There are a few requirements for you to unlock this engram, such as finding A Gift in Return and Dawning Spirit. These are items you’ll receive for participating in The Dawning 2023, with NPCs giving you A Gift in Return after you bake them their preferred treat and gift it to them. You’ll need to use Eva’s Holiday Oven to create these baked goods, and you’ll need to explore the solar system to hunt down the ingredients to make them.

After you have at least one A Gift of Return and a handful of Dawning Spirits, return to Eva to turn them in and receive your prize. The Albedo Wing in Destiny 2 is Dawning’s 2023 premier item, and it’s making its debut. It’s an Arc GLaive that goes in the Energy Weapons slot of your loadout. You can roll on an Albedo Wing as many times as you want, so long as you meet the resource requirements for Eva. However, you can always roll on the Festive Engram to earn the Albedo Wing or other weapons at a lower cost, but you’re not guaranteed to get the one you want.

It never hurts to grab at least one Albedo Wing in Destiny 2 to make sure you have it saved in your vault. For many, it might not be the Glaive they’re looking for, but it looks gorgeous, and style never gets old in Destiny 2.