How to get the Crucible Ornament for the Chain of Command in Destiny 2 – Mandated Artillery

Prepare to fight against other Guardians, and claim victory in the Crucible.

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You need the Chain of Command’s Crucible Ornament in Destiny 2 to progress through the weekly challenges for the Season of the Haunted. Similar to the Chain of Command, it’s confusing what you need to do to find this ornament, the Mandated Artillery. This guide details what you need to do to get the Crucible Ornament for the Chain of Command in Destiny 2.

Where to find the Chain of Command ornament – Mandated Artillery

It comes down to playing through Crucible, namely the Control, Rumble, Elimination, or Showdown modes, and reaching rank 17 with Lord Shaxx. After reaching rank 17 with him, you need to get the highest Crucible rank and prestige, resetting your Valor. You can only do this after you attain 10,000 points.

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The best way to do this is to play through Crucible matches, potentially with friends and in a party. The more players on your side communicate with each other, the higher your chances of attaining victory. However, that won’t always be the case, and there’s a good chance a team can still overcome you. Still, wins will give you more points to your Crucible Rank, making it easier to prestige. You can check back with Lord Shaxx at the tower to check your progress and receive any rank rewards he gives you.

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Once you prestige and grab one of each rank rewards from Lord Shaxx, another series of rewards will await you. One of these rewards will be the Mandated Artillery, the Chain of Command ornament you need to find. Unfortunately, you now need to reach rank 16 with Lord Shaxx, repeating much of the same process you’ve been doing. A good way to quickly rank up with Lord Shaxx is to accept Crucible bounties daily or grab the random ones using Glimmer.