How to get a Chain of Command in Destiny 2

A useful machine gun.

Image via Bungie

There are multiple weapons for you to find and loot in Destiny 2. They appear in nearly every aspect of the game, consistently dropping or being provided to you as a reward for completing specific tasks and challenges. You will need to acquire a particular gun for a quest or a challenge every so often. The Chain of Command is a weapon you’ll need during week five of the Season of the Haunted to complete the weekly challenges. Here’s how you can get the Chain of Command in Destiny 2.

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Where to get the Chain of Command machine gun

The Chain of Command comes from Zavala, the leader of the Titans, and another prominent character for the Season of the Haunted, alongside Crow and Caiatl. You can regularly find Zavala on the tower, on the left side of the plaza area where you traditionally spawn into the location. Here, you can speak with him to obtain bounties to complete whenever you’re attempting to finish Vanguard Strikes or Nightfall missions. The Chain of Command is available should you reach rank 16 with him.

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You can increase your rank with Zavala by grabbing bounties, completing Strikes or Nightfalls, and regularly working through these activities alongside other Guardians. When you reach rank 16 with Zavala, the Chain of Command is a guaranteed drop, and you can claim it from the rewards tab of his interact screen.

You do not need to obtain the Chain of Command before week five ends. You will want to grab it before the Season of the Haunted concludes, which means making sure you complete your weekly bounties for Zavala to stay on track.