How to get the Deterministic Chaos in Destiny 2

A weapon left behind by Rohan.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Deterministic Chaos is one of the many exotics added to Destiny 2 with the arrival of Lightfall. This powerful machine gun can unleash several devastating attacks against your opponents, and it’s an exotic one you’ll want to make sure to add to your collection. There’s only one way to locate this weapon, which won’t be a random drop. Here’s what you need to know about how to get the Deterministic Chaos in Destiny 2.

Where to find the Deterministic Chaos in Destiny 2

The only way you can find the Deterministic Chaos exotic machine gun is by completing the main campaign for Lightfall. The mission associated with this weapon appears until you reach the end of the game. Once you do, you’ll have the option to work through the Unfinished Business quest alongside Osiris and Nimbus. The first sequence of the mission focuses on Rohan’s sacrifice during the Lightfall campaign and what Rohan must now become to help protect Neomuna and others within the solar system.

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This exotic quest should be available to every Lightfall player who makes it to the end of the game. You’ll want to speak with Nimbus to receive the quest, and he’ll give you everything you need to know. From there, you’ll be expected to bounce around Neomuna, seeking additional clues to what Rohan left behind as he was learning that the Vex had a blueprint of The Veil and were likely attempting to recreate it.

Although he perished before he could see it through, you and Nimbus are capable of working through it to find out what happened. Close to the end of the mission, you’ll find the Deterministic Chaos, and you can use it in combat.