How To Get The Exotic Catalyst For Thorn In Destiny 2

More seasons, more new ways to update old exotics! Destiny 2 has a new Catalyst for the Thorn Exotic Weapon, and here’s how to get it.

Destiny 2 Thorn Exotic Cinematic Image

Image via Bungie

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Since the release of the Forsaken Expansion, guardians have been holding onto their Thorn Hand Cannons, while waiting patiently for them to receive some more love from Bungie. Well, our hopes have been answered with a new Exotic Catalyst for the beloved weapon in Destiny 2: Season of the Wish.

There are so many things that players are excited about that are on the horizon in Destiny 2. From new group finders, Exotics, stories, and hopefully light powersets, Bungie has done a lot to refresh some of the content fans have come to enjoy over the years. Even with this new season, Season of the Wish, I’ve found myself more engaged in the story, thanks to the return of forsaken plotlines and characters. What I also found was how to get the newest Exotic Catalyst for the Thorn Hand Cannon that’s been sitting in my inventory for all these years. Now, it’s time to spread the good news all around.

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How To Get The Thorn Catalyst in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 Coil Gameplay Season of The Wish
Image via Bungie

You can find the Thorn Catalyst in Destiny 2 by doing your routine playlists, such as Crucible matches, Strikes, and Gambit rounds. These drop randomly, but the drop rates are pretty low, so the chances of getting one are pretty slim. For example, it took me dozens of runs in the Vanguard playlist to finally get the Thorn Catalyst to drop. If you’re having issues finding it, I recommend doing PvP (Crucible matches), as you’ll still receive results whether your team wins or fails.

What Does The Thorn Catalyst Do In Destiny 2?

Image via Bungie

The Thorn Catalyst adds some new perks that should make your grinding a lot easier; this includes granting players better range (+20) and increased stability (+10). When you deal a final blow or absorb a remnant, it grants additional weapon range as well as increased Mobility and Handling for a short time. Given that bosses frequently swarm me, I found this to be useful when attempting the coil. It’s no secret that those strikes give great fodder to absorb.