How to get The Fixer in Fallout 76

The Fixer is one of the best mission rewards in Fallout 76 and it comes with some unexpected surprises.


Image via Bethesda

There are plenty of missions that offer great rewards in Fallout 76. One of these missions, Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, will get you an already modded-out combat rifle called The Fixer. This combat rifle already comes equipped with a calibrated receiver, stabilized short barrel, aligned stock, perforating magazine, reflex sight, and a suppressor. Obviously, it’s meant for players with more of a stealth approach to the game.

Along with being modded out, The Fixer has some pretty great bonuses. Though it doesn’t state it, The Fixer has a hidden mod that grants a stealth bonus equal to three pieces of shadowed armor. The other bonuses it provides are an increase to speed while in stealth by 20% and a 20% increase to damage.

Completing Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing quest

After traveling to Lewisburg and completing the mission, The Lowe-Down, you will get the coordinates to start the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing quest. These coordinates will take you to Garrahan Estate. After completing all the necessary steps, the weapon will be yours. Note that if you are missing the Garrahan Estate access keycard, one can be found by going to the CEO’s office in the Garrahan Mining Headquarters.

Obtaining the plans

While you can obtain the weapon by completing the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing quest, the plans are obtained in a different way. The mission that follows Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing is called Encryptid. You might have seen this event mission pop up on the mini-map a few times or even taken part in it. The Encryptid mission ends with you activating the event mission and completing it (if possible). This event requires players to activate pylons to remove the shields around the Imposter Sheepsquatch. Upon completing this mission, there is a chance the plans will drop as a reward.

Building The Fixer

Building The Fixer takes quite a few materials depending on what level version is being crafted. At level 50 it requires the following materials:

  • 9 adhesive
  • 10 gears
  • 8 oil
  • 15 screws
  • 15 springs
  • 18 steel
  • 14 wood

After the plans are retrieved, you will be able to get a legendary version of The Fixer from event missions and from the Purveyor at The Rusty Pick.