How to get the Gabriel Mark III mount in Final Fantasy XIV

Gabriel returns.

Image via Square Enix

Anyone familiar with the Bozjan Southern Front in Final Fantasy XIV might know who Gabriel is. Those who were lucky enough to enter a solo duel against him may have his mount. The Delubrum Reginae raid comes with a new version of Gabriel’s magitek form. If you were dedicated enough to clear Castrum Lacus Litore, then you have a chance to score this updated Gabriel mount for your collection.

Clear the Delubrum Reginae raid

Image via Square Enix

This Gabriel Mark III mount is locked behind the normal version of Delubrum Reginae. If you haven’t already unlocked the Bozjan Southern front, then you’ll need to start there and make your way up. You will have to then clear Castrum Lacus Litore before you can access this raid. Then you can finally unlock Delubrum Reginae and participate in the 24-man duty. The mount drops from the last treasure chest in Delubrum Reginae. Once you clear the final encounter, there’s only a chance you’ll find the Gabriel Mark III Identification Key within. It’s part of your personal loot, but the drop isn’t guaranteed. Keep running the raid until you get it.

Buy the mount on the market board

You can also find the Gabriel Mark III mount on the market board. If you’re not up for running Delubrum Reginae, and you have a ton of disposable gil, then you’re all set. The Gabriel Mark III Identification Key goes for around 50,000,000 gil on our server. The price should go down in time, so it’s just a matter of waiting it out. However you choose to get the item, once you use the identification key, use it and you’ll have your mount.