How to get the Huma Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy

Let’s defend ourselves with Molten Shield V2.

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Huma is an SSR Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy, and she comes with a Molten Shield V2 weapon. Huma is very useful when creating balanced teams, as she has one of the best defensive weapons. Getting her is difficult and depends completely on your luck. Here is how to get the Huma Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy.

How to get Huma Simulacra & Molten Sheild V2

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As we said, getting Huma is completely based on your luck, and there are two ways you can try it. The first one is defeating a world boss and then looting his chest. The second one is through using special orders. Both of these methods may randomly reward you with Huma, but they do not guarantee it.

Defeating a world boss

There are various world bosses in the world of Tower of Fantasy. These bosses are extremely powerful; some can even kill you with one or two hits. To defeat them, you will need aid from other players. Additionally, most of these bosses have certain weaknesses that you can exploit by using the right weapon(s) against them. Below are a few bosses that you can try your luck against.

As mentioned, these bosses are very powerful, and fighting them at any level below 20 is suicidal. Once you defeat any of these bosses, you will need to use the perfect decipher on the chest to get a chance of getting Huma Simulacra and Molten Sheild V2.

Using the special orders

In Tower of Fantasy, you can purchase special orders using the in-game currency. These special orders randomly drop SR, or SSR characters, including the Huma Simulacra and Molten Sheild V2. Furthermore, there are two types of these special orders; limited-time and normal. If Huma is on the limited-time order, you should purchase those; if not, stick with the normal orders.