How to get the Illuminated Tree in Final Fantasy XIV

Will you spread Starlight cheer with the Illuminated Tree?

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The holiday season has arrived in Final Fantasy XIV, bringing with it the Starlight Celebration. This small event will have you bringing Starlight cheer through a brief seasonal quest, and you’ll also receive a handful of rewards along the way. One notable reward is the Illuminated Tree, an item you can grab before the Starlight Celebration ends. Here’s what you need to know about how to get the Illuminated Tree in Final Fantasy XIV.

Where to get the Illuminated Tree in Final Fantasy XIV

You want to make sure you take part in the event to grab this item, although it is not a requirement. You can purchase the Illuminated Tree from the Starlight Supplier vendor anytime. To participate in the Starlight Celebration 2022 event, make your way over to Old Gridania, and find Amh Garanjy. She will be waiting for you to arrive at coordinates (X:10.2, Y:9.4). Before you speak with her, make sure you use a character that has reached at least character level 15, as that is the only requirement you need to unlock before you can start the festive quest, Reindeer Fame.

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The Reindeer Fame quest will have you working through several steps provided by Amh, which will be a straightforward experience where you need to meet a handful of characters highlighted by the indicated waypoints in the Reindeer Fame quest. When you reach the end of the quest, be sure to make your way over to the Starlight Supplier vendor, and you can purchase items from them, namely the Illuminated Tree. You can buy one for 5,000 Gil. You can find the Starlight Supplier (2022) vendor at coordinates (X:10.7, Y:8.8) close to Amh.

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The illuminated tree is an outdoor furnishing item, ideal for any of your characters to use if they own a house or have one through their Free Company. It’s a good way to add a sparkling tree to your backyard that you can use any time of the year.