How to get the Lustful ribbon in BitLife

It’s a lonely life.


Image via Candywriter

Ribbons are marks of achievement you can receive in BitLife by performing extraordinary feats during a character’s life. They do not carry over, so you cannot earn millions of dollars through multiple experiences. If you do it in a single character’s life, you might receive the millionaire one or the barbie girl ribbon by having a lot of plastic surgery. The lustful ribbon is all about excess, and with this one, you have to have multiple lovers on a single character.

To complete the lustful ribbon, you have to have at least 20 different loves in a character’s life. It’s a reasonably straightforward ribbon to earn, but you have to make sure you don’t collect any other ribbon during this life, or you might lose it. An excellent way to do this is to have a normal life, a decent career to pay the bills, but to continually meet other people through the dating outlets you have in the game and consistently attempt to have one-night stands. You want to avoid forming bonds or a relationship with any of the people you meet, so it’s better to avoid trying to go for any type of relationship when attempting to complete this ribbon.

After you have made it with 20 different people, you can keep going to ensure you achieve this ribbon once the character dies. You can try to keep it to a person once a year that you have a one night stand with and continue to meet others through the dating application. It doesn’t hurt to keep working out on the side or going to the doctor to ensure you don’t slip up and have any diseases with your dates. If you do receive a disease while attempting to go for this ribbon, you might earn the Wicked or Mediocre ribbon instead, so visiting a doctor once a year after being with someone is highly recommended.