How to get the Barbie Girl ribbon in BitLife

Dying a Barbie Girl isn’t difficult, albeit rather tedious.

Barbie Girl Ribbon BitLife

Photo by Julius Seelbach/Creative Commons

Not everyone in BitLife is blessed with good looks as soon as they’re born. Choices you make can undoubtedly improve your attractiveness, but if you want the easy route: get plastic surgery. And you can make your life all about going under the knife by achieving the Barbie Girl ribbon.

Getting the Barbie Girl ribbon in BitLife is simple: have a lot of plastic surgery. That’s it. The most challenging part, however, is dodging other ribbons. Some of the choices you make can quickly override the Barbie Girl ribbon; otherwise, getting the ribbon would be easy.

First and foremost, the Barbie Girl ribbon is gender-specific. You need to be a woman. When you’re born, nothing needs to be special about you. Don’t cause any trouble growing up to avoid prison and dying young.

Once you’ve finished high school, skip higher education. All you need is a decent paying job. You can get just about any job but skip over positions that your looks can be used to your advantage—especially jobs that lead to fame. If you do, you can easily override the Barbie Girl ribbon for, say, the Famous ribbon. Your life is all about plastic surgery.

As far as your character’s personal life is concerned, you are free to pursue marriage, but don’t sleep around, or you could end up getting the Wicked Ribbon. Don’t live your life single and adopt cats, or else you’ll get the Cat Lady ribbon. In the same vein, don’t have any kids either. This will lead you towards the Fertile ribbon. Having a child-free marriage is ideal.

Spend a few years earning income, up until you’re about 25. That should give you plenty of money to work with. Plastic surgery is not cheap. You need to have plastic surgery at least three times, but you should aim for everything.

Select “Activities” and then pick “Plastic Surgery.” Now, there’s a lot to choose from, such as Botox, a Brazilian butt lift, breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, a facelift, liposuction, a nose job, gender reassignment, and a tummy tuck. To obtain the Barbie Girl ribbon, you need to pick at least three. At first, you’ll want to avoid liposuction, tummy tuck, and a Brazilian butt lift. Everything else is fair game except gender reassignment, but those three, in particular, have a high chance of killing you. They’ll come in handy when it’s time to die.

Achieving death as soon as possible is the hardest part to contend with. The more time you spend living, the higher the chance you’ll override the Barbie Girl ribbon. That’s where a Brazilian butt lift, tummy tucks, and liposuction help. The trick is to pick a doctor with a low reputation. Combine that with one of the three deadliest plastic surgeries, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for death.

If you had enough plastic surgery and led a vanilla life, you’ll be awarded the Barbie Girl ribbon.