How to get the most EZA chests during Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes 2020

Earn all 21 chests.

Destiny 2

For Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes 2020 event, players must embark to the EZA in three-person squads to take on a variety of mini-bosses that spawn in the event, and then a much larger boss after that. It’s a grind to earn more key fragments to unlock the solstice packages and to complete challenges to unlock the higher leveled armor pieces for the WarlockHunter, and Titan classes. Your team of three receive chests based on how many mini-bosses you took out, and you have to find those scattered around the map, hidden from view. How do you earn the most chests during this event, and how can you find them?

How to get all the EZA chests

You and your team can earn 21 EZA chests. To do this, you need to take out the mini-bosses that spawn during the first portion of the game. You receive one chest for every mini-boss, so that’s 21 you need to take out. If you want to receive this many chest drops, you need to split up with your teammates and cover everywhere. The more time you spend clumped together, there could be two mini-bosses somewhere on the map, with one remaining alive. Your team has to divide and conquer.

You can move faster around the map by using the higher buildings to get around, or you can rely on your sparrow to ferry you between the broken buildings. To keep with the concept of divide and conquer, try having a teammate use the higher altitude of the buildings. At the same time, another remains on the bottom with their sparrow.

How to find all of the EZA chests

Once you take out the mini-bosses, the big boss shows up, then all of your chests spawn into the area. Their icons show up for a brief second, but then disappear, forcing you to search everywhere for them until time runs out. When the timer hits zero, and you missed a chest, tough break. But Reddit user hulumulu0451 mapped out all of the potential map locations for the EZA a year ago. You can reference the map to traverse the area more effectively, increasing your payout by the end of the EZA mission.

Image via hulumulu0451