How To Get Bloodpoints Fast In Dead By Daylight (12 Ways)

Bloodpoints are essential for getting more Perks for Survivors and Killers in Dead by Daylight, and it’s important to get them quickly.

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Bloodpoints really are the lifeblood of Dead by Daylight. Without them, players can’t engage with the item economy, making every Trial very dull. That’s why it’s important they use these 12 methods to get as many as possible.

While Dead by Daylight does a great job of showering players with Bloodpoints, players can do a pretty good job of spending them in the Bloodweb. We know we do. That’s why it’s good to always optimize the time spent playing to reap as many Bloodpoints as possible so that players can keep buying all the items and Perks they need to succeed in future Trials.

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12 Ways to Get Bloodpoints Fast in Dead by Daylight

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Below, we’ve outlined every possible method we can think of for players to help them get Bloodpoints fast in Dead by Daylight. They’re not in any particular order, but most can be combined to provide an extra speedy stream of the currency.

1) Play More Trials

The easiest way to earn more Bloodpoints is to keep jumping into as many Trials as possible. Every Trial completed is a glut of new Bloodpoints to spend while waiting for the next one to start. Even if players use no extra items that boost their Bloodpoint score, they’ll still earn enough to buy a couple of pages in the Bloodweb for a single Trial.

2) Check for Bloodpoints Codes

Developer Behaviour Interactive regularly puts out codes for more Bloodpoints that players can redeem in the in-game store. Checking in on a page like ours or the official social channels will ensure players never miss a chance to get a few hundred thousand Bloodpoints for their profile.

3) Complete Tome Challenges

Dead by Daylight gets a new Tome every few months. These are the game’s version of seasons from titles like Fortnite. Even in-game events have their own Tomes. Each Tome has a set of challenges to complete that award Rift Shards for the Rift Pass, and Bloodpoints.

The beauty of these Tomes is that players can access past ones whenever they want. Not just when they’re the active Tome. This means that at the time of writing, there are 17 Tomes for players to look back and work through that will award them a ton of Bloodpoints and other items, should they want to make the game more lucrative and interesting.

4) Use Offerings & Add-Ons That Increase Bloodpoints in Every Trial

One of the best things players can do in every Trial is use an Offering that gives them some additional Bloodpoints. Killers have Wreath Offerings and Survivors have various flowers that will increase Bloodpoints to at least some degree for a Trial. There are also Add-Ons for items that have a secondary bonus that increases the percentage of Bloodpoints earned.

While these Offerings and Add-Ons might seem minor, they can have a huge impact on a player’s Bloodpoint count over just a few Trials. It’s important to keep them in use though, otherwise, the number of Bloodpoints being earned will drop dramatically.

5) Play With Perks That Increase Bloodpoints in Trials

As with the above entry, players can also equip their Killer or Survivor with Perks that increase Bloodpoints earned. These are actually limited at the time of writing to Beast of Prey, Distressing, and Hex: Thrill of the Hunt for Killers, and No One Left Behind for Survivors.

If players want to push the surge of Bloodpoints they’re earning, using these Perks is key. It’ll give a subtle boost, but over time that boost will be noticable when players are rolling in Bloodpoints and the items they acquire through the Bloodweb.

6) Play the Objectives

This method should speak for itself, but many players still don’t do it. Dead by Daylight awards players for sticking to their roles and doing everything they should be doing to win a Trial. It’s common sense, but so many players either sit back or are too scared to engage.

Survivors get more Bloodpoints if they repair generators, open exit gates, protect teammates, unhook other Survivors, use a map to identify items, cleanse Totems, and much more. Killers are rewarded with more Bloodpoints for downing Survivors, hooking them, sacrificing them, Moris, even destroying objects. If players play the objective and role of the character, they’ll earn so many more Bloodpoints.

7) Cleanse or Destroy Totems

Cleansing Totems as a Survivor or destorying them as Survivors and Killers isn’t necessarily part of the main objective in a Trial. However, it will award players with more Bloodpoints. The more that are destroyed or cleaned, the more Bloodpoints a player will walk away from the Trial with.

8) Play During Promotional Periods

Occassionally, there are promotional periods in Dead by Daylight when players can earn more Bloodpoints in every Trial. These aren’t on any regular schedule, so players just need to keep an eye out for them. While they’re live though, players should get into a few more Trials to make the most of every Bloodpoint they can.

9) Increase Survivor & Killer Ranks as Much as Possible Before Every Reset

Every month on the 13th, Dead by Daylight’s Killer and Survivor Ranks will be reset. Players get a bonus in Bloodpoints for every Rank they’ve earned. The higher the Rank, the more Bloodpoints the player will earn. The only way to increase Ranks is by playing, and playing well, so players need to stay in the game if they want those free Bloodpoints.

10) Play Special Events

There’s at least one special event in Dead by Daylight for every Tome. These events have their own Tomes that award more Bloodpoints, but there are also added Bloodpoint sources in Trials while they’re live. A good example of this is smashing pumpkins during Haunted by Daylight events.

11) Earn Rift Shards and Advance the Rift Pass

Every time a Tome is live, players can advance the Rift Pass. Think of this as the season pass for Dead by Daylight. There’s a free track and a premium track. Players don’t need to buy the premium track to get some free Bloodpoints from this, they just need to complete challenges.

By completing Tome challenges, players earn Rift Shards. As these Rift Shards build up, players will unlock more levels in the Rift Pass, many of the ranks of which award Bloodpoints. This is a super easy way to boost Bloodpoints, and one we use every time.

12) Play the Bonus Character Role

Dead by Daylight has a bonus character system that allows players to earn additional Bloodpoints. When players log in, they’ll see that playing as one of the roles will award them a certain percentage of bonus Bloodpoints. Playing in that role is always worth it, because it means players will get into Trials faster and walk away with even more Bloodpoints, especially when coupled with good Offerings, Add-Ons, and Perks.

What Are Bloodpoints in Dead by Daylight

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Bloodpoints are an in-game currency in Dead by Daylight that players can spend in the Bloodweb. This allows them to purchase Perks, Items, Add-Ons, and Offerings to use in each Trial. As the rarity of the item players are buying increases, so does the cost. There are 50 levels to each Bloodweb, culminating in a Prestige level if players push a character far enough. All of this costs Bloodpoints to do, meaning it’s worth getting as many as possible to ensure there’s a constant flow of goodies to use in Trials.