How to get the Piccolo skin in Fortnite

Obtain two free Back Blings when purchasing the Namekian.

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Thanks to Fortnite’s second crossover with the Dragon Ball series, the battle royale now sees longstanding character Piccolo enter the island. Like older skins from the anime, the Namekian offers its owners additional styles, free accessories, and even a bundle that makes buying his entire set a whole lot cheaper. This guide will breakdown how you can get the Piccolo skin and all of its dedicated cosmetics in Fortnite.

How to unlock the Piccolo skin in Fortnite

Like Goku and Vegeta before him, Piccolo can only be purchased from the game’s Item Shop. The cosmetic is sold for 1,800 V-Bucks, and all owners will even net his Power Awakening style for no additional cost. However, it also comes packaged with a few other goodies. When purchasing Piccolo individually, you will gain the Piccolo’s Cape and Turban Back Bling, the Piccolo’s Demon Symbol Back Bling, and the character’s Charging Up Emote.

Although it is certainly a steal, Piccolo’s own bundle offers even more cosmetics for a slightly higher price. For 2,200 V-Bucks, players can have all the items listed above, his Handheld House Harvesting Tool, and the Red Ribbon Army Aircraft. At the time of writing, these skins are expected to be available in Fortnite for at least two weeks after the release of its v23.30 update, so players may need to act fast before it leaves the shop’s rotation.

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Along with the Piccolo skin, you can expect to find Son Gohan available in the free-to-play title. This Dragon Ball character has also debuted with a dedicated set of their own cosmetics, including the Capsule No. 576 Glider, his own cape, and a Harvesting Tool that shreds electricity known as Gohan’s Beast Axe.