How to get the Realmwalker Title in Destiny 2 – all Triumphs

Slip between realities.

Destiny 2 Season of the Lost

Image via Bungie

Another season in Destiny 2 means a new title, and Season of the Lost will give players the chance to earn the Realmwalker title. It suits, as much of the season will be spend jumping between the real world and the strange taken realm.

  • Seeker of the Lost – Complete all Wayfinder’s Voyage parts. There are seven in total, and take the form of weekly missions.
  • Master Cartographer: – Fully upgrade the Wayfinder’s Compass in the HELM. This is very similar to previous season, and you will need to earn Parallax Trajectory to do it, along with finishing assorted missions.
  • Shattered Scholar – Retrieve all of the data caches within all branches of the Shattered Realm (Caches of Echoes, Caches of Dreams, Caches of Wrath). These are not in the game yet, but we will update this guide with the relevant infor when they are.
  • Mods of the Lost: – Collect all seven Season of the Lost mods.
  • Decorated Wayfinder – Earn the first of three Seasonal ornaments from Crucible, Gambit, or strikes.
  • Scattered by Storms – Collect each Atlas Skew and listen to its recording. There will be new Atlas Skews each week.
  • Unsolved Mysteries – Using your Techeun abilities, solve the six mysteries hidden throughout the Shattered Realm.
  • Instruments of the Lost – Collect all Seasonal weapons and armor from Season of the Lost, available as rewards from Astral Alignment, Shattered Realm, and focused Umbral Engrams. (Pathfinder Armor Set, Chrysura Melo, Fractethyst, Vulpecula, Canis Major, Iota Draconis, and Wolftone Draw)
  • Legendary Ascendant Explorer – Complete a journey through all three branches of the Shattered Realm on Legendary difficulty.
  • Legendary Alignment – Complete the Legendary version of the Astral Alignment activity.