How to get the Redrix Broadsword in Destiny 2

 How to get the Redrix Broadsword in Destiny 2

The Redrix Claymore is one of the most difficult to obtain weapons in Destiny 2. For a Guardian to be allowed to wield this legendary pulse rifle, one must reach rank Fabled in the Crucible, which requires a substantial time commitment as you earn Glory points. Bungie has now announced that the next season of Destiny 2 will aim to reduce some of the difficulties associated with the Glory system in the Crucible.

As part of these upcoming changes, a new pulse rifle will be added. The Redrix Broadsword shares many traits with its Claymore cousin, except for how difficult it will be to acquire. Naturally, this makes many community members angry because they have spent significant time and effort to earn the right to wield the Claymore. However, this guide is not about the Claymore, but instead about how you can get your hands on the Redrix Broadsword and thus show up your fellow Guardians who exerted way more energy on their Claymore. Schadenfreude is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

How to get the Redrix Broadsword

Bungie has released the following information on the Redrix Broadsword in their August 16, 2018 update:

  • Shaxx will offer a new quest that players can complete earning Redrix’s Broadsword, a companion weapon to Redrix’s Claymore
    • Redrix’s Broadsword features a similar talent arrangement, but it does not share the lore and Triumphs associated with Redrix’s Claymore
    • Once you’ve earned the weapon, random roll versions of Redrix’s Broadsword will start dropping from Crucible engrams
    • Each drop will have the fixed Outlaw + Desperado combination
    • Each drop will also have randomized barrels, magazines, and Masterwork perks
  • Players who earned Redrix’s Claymore in Season 3 will receive additional bonuses
    • Owners of Redrix’s Claymore will be granted an exclusive emblem when redeeming the corresponding Triumph
    • Claymore owners will be eligible for drops of Redrix’s Broadsword from Crucible engrams even without completing the relevant quest

While we won’t know for sure what the quest from Shaxx will entail, it’s safe to assume that it will not require the tens of hours it took to get a Redrix Claymore.

The Redrix Broadsword also contains many of the same traits as the Claymore, including the important Outlaw and Desperado perks.

Kevin Yanes from Bungie confirmed via a tweet that the Redrix Broadsword would also be the same archetype as the Claymore, meaning that the only variables left will be determined as part of Destiny 2 Forsaken‘s new random roll system.

We will update this guide with details of Shaxx’s Redrix Broadsword quest once Destiny 2 Forsaken is released on September 4th. In the meantime, why not head over to our Destiny 2 Guide Hub for many more tips on improving your Guardian experience.