How to get the Sil’dihn Throne mount in Final Fantasy XIV

The best seat in Hydaelyn.

Image via Square-enix

For those who want to explore and fly around Final Fantasy XIV in luxury, you will need to find a suitable mount. Look no further than the Sil’dihn Throne, a worthy seat for anyone who believes themselves to be truly regal and a comfortable spot for you to look down at everyone while you’re making your way to the next dungeon. Obtaining it will not be easy. Here’s what you need to know about how to get the Sil’dihn Throne mount in Final Fantasy XIV.

Where to find the Sil’dihn Throne mount in Final Fantasy XIV

The only way to locate the Sil’dihn Throne is to purchase it from a specific vendor. You want to look for Trisassant, and you can find them in Old Sharlayan, close to the NPC, Osmon. Trisassant is at coordinates (X:12.0, Y:13.3). This is an important location because it’s where you’ll unlock the dungeon where you can obtain the currency to buy the Sil’dihn Throne: the Sil’dihn Subterrane dungeon. The version of this dungeon you want to do will award you Sil’dihn Silver, and you will need 100 Sil’dihn Silver to purchase the throne from Trisassant.

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You can earn the Sil’dihn Silver by participating in the Criterion Dungeons. You can unlock this dungeon by first making your way through a specific quest, A Key to the Past. It becomes available after you complete the final Endwalker Main Scenario Quest, reach level 90 Job with your character, and speak with Osmon in Old Sharlayan. After that, Shallow Moor will appear with the quest, and you will need to complete it to unlock the variant dungeon version of Sil’dihn Subterrane. Then, you must to speak with Osmon again, and you will have access to the Criterion Dungeon version of Sil’dihn Subterrane.

You will need at least an average item level of 610 to process this content. This is the more difficult version of the variant dungeon.